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Central Coast Family Lawyers

Family Law Solicitors Central Coast

Resolve Family Law is dedicated to securing peaceful, balanced solutions for our clients and their families. Located at 40 Karalta Road, Erina, we provide legal services to families across the Central Coast, Hunter Valley and Sydney regions.


We practice all areas of Family Law, including:



We specialise in Collaborative Family Law – encouraging parties to reach fair, amicable solutions, tailored to their individual situation, without the stress, cost and conflict involved in court proceedings.


We understand that ending a relationship can be emotionally and financially draining for you and your family. Our goal is to help you through this time with compassion, communication and expertise; allowing you to move forward.


Family Law Lawyers Central Coast – Resolve Family Law


I’m Planning a Divorce/Separation:


What Should I do?


  • Decide where your children will live and who will take care of them
  • Plan how you will support yourself and your children financially
  • Plan how your bills will be paid and who will be responsible
  • Who will stay in the house and what arrangements need to be made to pay the mortgage or rent
  • What will happen to any joint bank accounts, credit cards etc.
  • What will happen to the house, cars, furniture and other property
  • Contact a specialist family lawyer for advice


Legal Aid Accepted.

family facing away from the camera
We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.